Brush Creek Select is a locally owned, Kansas City based, independent insurance agency. We are the personal lines division of Brush Creek Partners. As an independent insurance agency, we work for the client, not the insurance carrier. Brush Creek Select, formerly known as Cohen Brokerage, was formed in 2008 on the premise that using/selling one single insurer’s products is not a good fit for most clients and that clients benefit from an agency that has a lot of resources—good personnel, knowledge, and a wide variety of carriers and product options to choose from.

Currently, there are policies in force for over 2000 clients in over 30 states and spread between over 60 carriers with the intent of always doing the right thing for our clients by selecting carriers for clients with the correct coverage limits and the lowest costs for those products. Most of the policy audits we perform for new clients show their former policies to be coverage deficient and expensive for the amount of coverage they own. Though insurance agencies are not legally bound to act as fiduciaries to their clients, we strive to be fiduciaries and a trusted partner of our clients.


Auto & Home/ Personal Lines

Personal Insurance Products

Life, Disability,
Long-Term Care